Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things Fall Apart

Ok folks, here's what’s up. There's a few things going on and I want you to know why I haven't been posting much this week.

After a few weeks of radio silence, I finally got to talk to my half sister. She lives in London for the time being and I miss her terribly. We only got to talk for a little, but one of the things I found out that my grandfather on my fathers side had another heart attack. It isn’t his first and I don’t think that it will be his last. Also, these kinds of things (heart problems) run in my family. (Fathers side AND mothers side) You can imagine how that weighs on my mind.

All this coupled with the stunning lack of sleep, quitting smoking and a number of other things that I can’t get into here, have resulted in a complete lack of ability to completely pull my head together. I am amazingly lucky, however, to have some exceptional people in my life to help me though all this.

What does all this mean? Nothing really. Mainly I just wanted everyone to know that these things happen. I'll pull it together, as I am one to do, and in the mean time I’ll try to keep going full force here on the blog, on The Mayhem Show (new line of shirts coming soon), and everything else I do.

Thanks everyone. Sorry for the heavy.

Personal post /end


  1. Sorry to hear that things have been dragging you down. I can totally relate.

    You know how to reach me. Don't hesitate to call if you need to talk.

    Love ya. Hang in there!

  2. You are stronger than you let yourself be. You can climb the side of that building if you want it badly enough - remember? Love you.

  3. Hang in there, brother. All is inevitable, and the mountains are high past these lows