Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 Questions for the Creators: Mr. Redd

Its that time of the week again folks. 5 question time! This weeks subject is one of my partners on the Wrestling Mayhem Show. He is all over the internet, the owner and operator of and he is also a professional wrestler. Current hardcore, tag and European champ in the RWF. A hell of a competitor and one of my closest friends, I present to you, David Redd.

1. Tell us about who you are and what it is you
Name's Dave Redd. I grew up in the sticks a bit. Really didnt have full blown internet freedom until I graduated High School. Just all about having fun with life. I tend to push things to the limit or even times beyond it. As cheesy as it sounds, you only live once right? Right now I work for a great company as a CAD(Computer Aided Drafting) Technician. Other than that I have huge aspirations to become a pro wrestler. I am looking to begin training next spring-ish. Always been a huge wrestling fan and yes I know its fake, but that doesn't make me like it less. I have a vivid imagination so my body may be 22 but my spirit is still 12.

2. Why did you get into social media?
I got into social media when my friend Chad one day approached me and said "Hey you wanna be on an internet radio show that talks about wrestling?" and really after that the rest is history. Now the Wrestling Mayhem Show is a wildly popular podcast with reaches across the world. The show has spawned my connection with a lot of the social media sources out there, I.E. Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Brightkite, Virb, my blog, and so much more.

3. What is it that you love about social media?
I love the fact that one can make so many friends and keep in touch with them with no added effort. A good percent of social media types all are from a similar mold so the odds of people meshing and forming bonds of friendships are very high and very likely. It is just an all around feel good atmosphere.

4. What keeps you coming back? Why do you keep creating content?
I keep coming back because it is fun, it is entertaining, and it gives me something to do. Without it I could have ended up endlessly sucked into a World of Warcraft style life. Where a video game controls my life. Now with all the digitization of myself I have undergone I am my own video game. Such as my own little "video project" know as "Should I Wrestle That" which was born from the brilliant minds of Douglas Derda and Dawn Papuga. What will I do next?! Turn to page 47.

5. What is it that you want to accomplish with your media?
The number one goal and priority of any content that is created is entertainment. Whether it makes you laugh, makes you think, makes you feel good, or makes you want to strangle me. Entertainment is what I strive to achieve.


  1. AWESOME poster. I want.

  2. Thank you my friend.

    Although, I'm not sure when I made the transformation into the Brooklyn Brawler....Is this to prepare me for the wrath I would face if I chose to spoil the season premiere of Heroes for Mad Mike??

  3. @jennie Ill put up the link at some point where one can obtain it as a poster.

    @DocRemedy Its ok. You can kick Mad Mikes *brawler*