Monday, July 28, 2008

More Cs

1. Cat headbutts at 4:25 am are the most terrifying thing ever done to a human person.
2. Quitting smoking is like fighting a bear. The catch is that the bear has delicious candy. You want to stop fighting and eat the candy, but you know that if you do you'll die.
3. Guests for this weeks Wrestling Mayhem Show: Dee Jay G from The G Spod and Miss Dawn Papuga.
4. Haikus.

Another robot
Another worthless scrap heap
More hate of circuits

These damn Jedi kids
Keep getting in my Death Star
Better call Orkin


I am a Sith lord
First thing we learn in Sith school
Is how to hate hands

I hear them calling
But they feel miles away
Make it out alive

Got this dragon egg
I won it down at the pub
Start the baby pool

The rain in Japan
Digitally eats color
Its a bitch to clean

Streets of Ravnica
They aren't like the streets we have
They're paved with mana

Everyone come see
Jabba the Hutt now presents
Slave girl and Jedi


Jabbas got a show
Hes gonna kill a jedi
Nothing could go wrong

There is Coke in here
Its better to drink when cold
From a glass bottle


First, Carbonation
Then sugar water, caffeine
So much marketing

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