Thursday, February 3, 2011

MRFC vs Dee The Destroyer and The Ox

Ginny: The patron saint of the previous wars and formerly known as Pitt Girl, when Ginny revealed her true identity and walked amongst the good folk of the Pittsburgh Media scene, she temporary healed the rift between the sides and brought a swift end of the war. That's Church.
One of the best kept secret weapons of both the Yinz Team AND the Social Media Alliance, Michelle AKA BurghBaby can dismantle a tank with one hand, raise money for the children AND bring up one of the most adorable little ones in the world. All. At. One. Time.

The only man in the world who could hold the reins of the dark wizard John Fedko. Nuff said
The Thompson:
Nigh invincible. Unfazed by just about everything including psychotic weather and werewolves. Enjoys a good sandwich and being indoors. Soundly handed MexicanJewLizard his ass in the previous wars.

Winner: Michelle and The Ox clashed and raged immediately, taking most of the other combatants off their feet in the process. everyone was amazed at the intensity and pure rage of the battle. They watched as the Ox tried again and again to exploit Michelle's biggest weakness: Hugs. What most people didn't realize was that there was another war occurring. Ginny and Dee Thompson stared each other down with just as much intensity as the other battle. A great ball of force materialized between them and for a while it seemed as if they were fighting over control of it. However, that didnt last. As Michelle and The Ox zoomed around the battlefield, throwing fire and lightning at one another, Ginny wrestled control of the energy when a stray lightning bolt struck Thompsons coat and set it alight. His focus broken, Ginny capitalized and blasted Dee through the nearest wall and into the Ohio river. Michelle got the better of The Ox and the girls executed a perfect 1 2 combo with Ginny throwing him up in the air and Michelle raining down lightning on him. The battle temporarily ceased as all below watched the light show. Michelle had her camera. The pictures were amazing.

WINNERS: Team Make Room For Crazy!

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