Thursday, January 27, 2011


It was a cold night in Pittsburgh. A night that many of us will never forget. On the eve of Super Bowl 45, most people were awaiting the kickoff of the Steelers and the Packers. There was an energy, a buzz of anticipation. However, in the large parking lot of Heinz field, there was a different kind of energy. A different kind of anticipation. It was war. The 2 sides stood, waiting, scowling, and staring down one another in anticipation of the battle to come. It had been ages since the WPXI wars. The dust had settled long ago, with the social media faction standing victorious. But, as they say, the only winner of the WPXI wars was Tchaikovsky. WPXI went back to its reporting, its traffic and its scheming. They licked their wounds and healed their people, but they never forgot. Never forgot the destruction of Peggy Finnegan by Dawn Papuga. They never forgot the madness in Jim Lokays eyes as he delivered a beaten Kevin Benson to their front door. But most of all they never forgot the final battle. When Pittgirl aka Ginny revealed herself and brought a swift end to the wars.

The events leading up to this new battle are common place. WPXI calling in favors from other local news people. Other local celebrities. Other forces…. Things unnatural. Begging, scraping, sacrificing. But the Pittsburgh Social Media Alliance weren’t worried. The scene had changed since the last war. In addition to the old veterans, they had bolstered their ranks with many new faces and on this night, they were all present. Steam from coffee cups mingled in the air with steam from warm breath and hot tempers. General Woycheck made his final preparations for battle. Making sure that Team Alphalab was ready. He could see the fear in the eyes of his small group and he was proud. He had taught them well. He knew that would be put to the test on this cold and snowy night.

There are many stories to be told of this night. But those will come in time. Because now, from his heated glass case high above the fray, Mark Madden is, as we speak, being greased and fed grapes. He is poised to signal the beginning. The start of a night that Pittsburgh will never forget. The night of the



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