Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Inaugural "Wills Random Twitter Contest"

2 or 3 days ago I sent out the call on Twitter: Wear a cape. Take a picture. Send it to me.

While the entries were sparse, they were awesome. Lets have a look:

First up we have the enigmatic Canadian and fan of the Wrestling Mayhem Show: @Wrestlefan2000. here he is sporting a dramatic backlight with a sleep black cape (cowl removed).

Next up is the one and only @rjdlc seen here showing his love for alternative OS. With his sidekick Tux, Rob fights for the right to eschew commonplace villains like Windows and OSX. Metal.

Next up is A man, A plan, An @UncleCrappy. He appears here as BuckEye man! Defender of the flat, arid plains of Ohio. Champion of Ohio State and all that dwell within her! Most Excellent!

Finally we have Mr Scott Sweep aka @scottsweep aka Snuggieman! I was informed by Mr Sweep that he could have been decked out in full princess regaila for this image, but it would have involved the waking of his young daughter. While sad to not see such a sight, Mr sweep gets extra points anyway.

The Prize: For being awesome, all contestants get a custom haiku by yours truly. Send me an image, and ill craft a haiku for you and you alone. There will be a grand prize winner as decided by you the reader! To the right you will see a poll asking who you think makes the best makeshift superhero. Winner gets a giftcard based on your location (wrestlefan is in Canada. Or texas, I forget half the time and he lies to me the other half)

The Why: Why did I ask random people to take pictures of themselves in makeshift capes and send them to me? 1. Why not? 2. Its fun, random and irrevrent. 3. Wanted to have a contest. 4. We're the adults now and we get to decide what that means. I was inspired.

Thanks to everyone who participated:) If you missed it, dont worry, there will be another contest next month.

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  1. I was so close to photoshopping a cape when I saw last call this morning...