Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Consolidated C

You are kidding right?
These robots are flamingos
My hate is tacky

I lost something there
I will be lost without you
The world carries on

It will resurrect
It will burn away all this
The sun also shines

Do not fuck with us
We are tiny luchadors
We unplugged your shit

Hm. Well that was fun
Don't know where this fish came from
What should I do now?

So there's this bear right?
And hes got sweet sweet candy.
Its hard to explain

I ruined your wall
Trying to show how I feel
Sorry about that

I'll find her someday
Ms. Pacman to my Pacman
I'll find her someday


To help with the ghosts
Ms. Pacman to my Pacman
They don't stand a chance

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