Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Composition. Consolodated.

What the fuck is this
A kiwi robot person
Hate is not enough

So proud of my kids
They know the war is coming
And they are ready

Im not really here
This is just a memory
But it feels like home

The following haiku is by my cat, Samoa Josephina. She insisted.

They tilted mah earth
Mah persheptions is messy
Jus want cheezburger

And heres one from me.

They tilted my world
Destroyed what I thought was true
It seems I like it

They don't understand
What im really doing here
Saving them again

I don't know this place
Finally, completely lost.
I just wanted this.

There are a few days
Where tea is the very best
When I drink with you

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