Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 Questions for the Creators: Mr. Stoke Monkey

Ladies and Gentlemen, todays subject needs no introduction. It is a pleasure to have him here today. Presidential candidate, Stoke Monkey.

1. Tell us about who you are and what it is you do.
My name is Stoke Monkey. I am a regular on The Wrestling Mayhem Show and I am currently running for president of the United States. I also hold the title of President of New Jersey where I’ve been ruling for 7 years.

2. Why did you get into social media?

One day I was having a conversation with my good friend Michael Sorg about a few of his many endeavors and he happened to mention Podcamp. I had been listening to a number of podcasts (Should I Drink That, Sportsocracy, Radio Free Burrito and TheGSpod to name a few) and he asked if I wanted to make an appearance on his show, The Wrestling Mayhem Show. I was thrilled. This was before I had any aspirations to become president of the United States. I was quite comfortable with my mansion in Jersey with my lovely wife and our many children. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was coming to the show on an almost weekly basis. If everything works out I will be attending Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 in October. I’m making it one of my biggest stops on the campaign trail.

3. What is it that you love about social media?
2 words. Free. Advertising. I haven’t spent one thin dime on my campaign, even though lobbyists keep throwing money at me for one reason or another. Between you and me? I paid off my mortgage and got a few new houses thanks to those suckers. I got a new place on Florida, 2 in Pittsburgh and I think 2 in Montana. I’m not sure, ill have to get back to you on that.

4. What keeps you coming back? Why do you keep creating content?

See that? I need one more house and that's it. Ever swing on the chandelier in the Lincoln bedroom? Neither have I. But Clinton tells me it’s amazing.

5. What is it that you want to accomplish with your media?

I want to lead, to inspire and to rule. My fellow Americans, we are facing a time of turmoil in America. A time of strife and pain unheard of in previous years. I want to restore America to its former glory. The way we all remember America. Not only that I want to make America into something more. Make it into what it could be. I have seen into the future. I have peered into the souls of Americans everywhere and I know what dreams lay in their hearts. All they need is a leader. My fellow Americans, I am that man (monkey).

~Stoke Monkey~

~Eek Eek~

This message was paid for by the friends and followers of Lord Stoke Monkey.


  1. Can you join us at PodCamp Pgh in Oct 2008 for our political discussion on Sunday afternoon?

    Would love to go into these topics with more depth and insights that only you can provide.

  2. Stoke Monkey for President!

    ~The Undersecretary of Pirate Affairs,

  3. As Stoke Monkey's newly-appointed press secretary, I feel that it is in his best interest to entertain any political discussion.