Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The WPXI Wars Round Two: Mexican Jew Lizard v Dee Thompson

Round 2: Mexican Jew Lizard v Dee Thompson

MJL: President of Best Buy Mexico and wrestler for the RWF, The Jewlizard loves to periodically move north and hibernate in large salt piles making him the perfect opponent for the unsuspecting Dee Thompson.

Dee Thompson: Nigh invincible. Unfazed by just about everything including psychotic weather and werewolves. Enjoys a good sandwich and being indoors.

: Gonna have to go with Dee on this one. Throwing iPods and screaming things in Spanish aren't gonna do much against the Golden Trench Coat.


  1. Yay Dee! Although I have a special place in my heart for MJL (like
    "only a Mother could") Dee IS nigh invincible. Although I heard he was was a claustrophobic vampire given to hot flashes for no apparent reason. Explains why he only seems to do stories outside...in the dark...when it's cold? Yeah...never mind.

  2. Dangerous Dee has boxer shorts older than MJL. Experience makes all the difference in this match.