Monday, August 18, 2008

Consolidated criminal composition continuations

My new crab robot
Also thinks he is a tank
I hate his pincers

We knew from the start
that intentions shatter and
Things just fall apart

People always think
that I'm falling down. I am.
But not how you think

This is where I live
I love it like no other
City of steel gods

You little bastard
You know I'm on a diet
Fuck your dwarf cookies

I will not do this
not what you are expecting
She is beautiful, still

Her name is unknown
I'll never know who she is
But its what it is

We cant keep this up
A kiss stolen here and there
Moments in heaven


  1. her name is Pepper.

    Like on her tattoo.

  2. I think "Pepper Love" sounds like a porn star.