Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday 5: Nom Nom Nom Nom

Time for the mystical, the magical, the Friday 5!!

1. What was the last meal that caused you to be ill?
Some very VERY old General Tsos from my local chinese place. I should have known better, but I just couldn't help myself.

2. Are there any places you never dine anymore because of a bad experience hours after the meal?
I cant say that there is. There are places i dont dine anymore because of bad experiences DURING the meal. Fuck Italian Oven by the way.

3. What’s your prescription for dealing with a food-caused illness?
Call off work, spend the day throwing up, eating Rolaids and sleeping. O, and cursing. Lots and lots of cursing.

4. When friends tell you about coming down with food-caused illnesses, do you avoid the places they name, or do you figure it’s a dice-roll wherever you go?
Its a dice roll. I'm not afraid of the germs inherent with outdoor cafes and chinese food vendors that setup on the side of the street. 9 times out of 10 they have amazing food anyway. I have an overwhelming desire to travel to another country and just wander down the street hitting up every food stall on the way, not asking what im eating, just saying "how much?" and "I'll have what they're having." If you dont take the risk, you'll never find the best foods.

5. After numerous citations, a very, very popular restaurant that you’re quite fond of is shut down by the health department until it can get everything up to code. When the health department gives the restaurant the o.k. to reopen, do you go?
Without a doubt. I'll keep going till they burn me.

Who Else is Friday 5-ing? (You know you want to join us…)

*As always, the Friday 5 questions were taken from If you join the fun, be sure to let me know so I can add you to the link list! And don’t forget to send those questions in that you’re itching for us to answer! Don’t worry, we’ll gladly pimp your blog for the effort.


  1. Really? You've got issues with Italian Oven? That was some good stuff back in the day. You know, back before it became the roach-infested dump it was before it went out of business.

  2. @burghBaby That would be why I have a problem with them. Used to love it, now, not so much.