Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Consolidated criminal composition continuation

I have this robot
He ALWAYS beats me at chess
I hate him so hard

Excuse me Miss Grey
I think your hair's on fire
Please take care of that

The stone isnt black
Does it still look black to you?
They washed it all off


The church isnt black
Do you remember yourself?
They washed off our past

I can feel this place
I feel the city breathing
We are all her seeds


Blast holes in the night
I feel the city breathing
Till she bled sunshine

The day that we met
The day ill never forget
Everything just spun

I found this dog here
My heart woke up after that
I found this girl here

Yes, I am lucha
Yes, I am great Champion
Yes, I just want soup

We have an usher
Hes also a samurai
We are not sure why

1 comment:

  1. thanx for using one of my pics Will. and i really like the ones you wrote about it. :)