Monday, July 7, 2008

5 question.... day

Did I say tomorrow? I meant today. I bring you Dan Warren. New to the Social Media scene, Dan is making a splash with his blog Life: into the Wind. He has a bright future on the blogosphere. I give you @OSUFAN, Dan Warren.*

1. Tell us about who you are and what it is you do.

Father of two great teenage boys, ages 17 and 15. Fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes (Class of 86) and Kyle Bush. I have the greatest girlfriend any man could ask for. I am a buyer for a national building materials supplier. My blog is Life: into the wind

2. Why did you get into social media?
I do not know if I am into social media. Maybe it's because I am new to this blogging and twitter thing. Does blog fest have beginner classes?

3. What is it that you love about social media?
I like to read about what other people have to say. Sure I can read the local newspaper, watch the news, or other types of profit driven media but an individuals own opinion or viewpoint is very important to me.
4. What keeps you coming back? Why do you keep creating content?
What keeps me coming back is the simple fact that there are some very brilliant people blogging (and some that are not so brilliant). Their ideas are amazing, thought processes and clear and defined, and some of them are funnier than hell.

Lets put the second part of this question into question 5.

5. What is it that you want to accomplish with your media? Why do you keep creating content?
I think the most important goal of my blog is to educate. If you can learn one new thing from my blog, than it is successful to me. As for creating new content - it is my little part of the internet world - where I can express my own views and opinions.

*Editors note: There were no available pictures of Mr. Warren, they were supplemented by pictures of hot girls dressed as storm troopers.


  1. Thanks DJ. You are the man...

  2. Thanks for not revealing that was me & Dan in our Star Wars gear last Halloween. I know I rocked the Storm Trooper get up but Dan wasn't sure he was pulling off the cape as well as he could!

  3. excellent supplemental picture selection!