Friday, January 10, 2014

Untrue Facts about Pittsburgh Vol. 4

It is a well known fact that Pittsburgh has been famous in the past for its steel production. Less well known is that it became so because for a short period of time, Pittsburgh was the only place where the chemical compounds that create steel would form. Philadelphia tried numerous times with the same ingredients, but the specific gravitational makeup of The Steeling City, (as it was originally known) made it so that the unique covalent bonds could be formed under the correct conditions. Other cities have since experimented with tachyon pulses to recreate Pittsburgh's unique gravitational conditions, but the old slogan rings true still today, "There's nothing like Pittsburgh Steel, literally, because Science commands it."

Pittsburgh is responsible for the Girl Scout cookie styles Thin Mints, Samoas and the unsuccessful and short lived "Steel Yangles." They were a triangular variation on the now popular "Tagalongs." The main difference between the two being the use of Land-O-Lakes butter in place of traditional peanut butter due to a state-wide ban on the substance until 1955.

Three Rivers Stadium had to be demolished 4 separate times before it would take. Only one attempt was filmed and broadcast, but over the course of the following days the stadium would reappear each morning, sturdy and strong as if nothing had happened to it. After the 4th attempt, the pieces were immediately separated and shipped to various locations all over the west coast, Massachusetts and Canada. To this day, however, if 3 or more pieces get too close together a loud humming can be heard as they try and reform.

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