Saturday, December 24, 2011


It’s cold here, but there's no snow. I've though many times today about that. I remember when it snowed on Christmas. Not just a dusting either, I mean legitimate, wear boots and trudge to Grandmas, snow. But it’s not snow that makes Christmas for me. Its family. I’ve spent this Christmas Eve as I’ve spent almost every Christmas Eve, with my family. Nothing is more important to me. I see them less and less lately, which is both sad and inevitable, I suppose. A sure sign I'm growing up.

In the background is the buzzing of cars with expensive engines and men with lovely accents. More often than not I have some kind of television on in the background so I don't get too mired in my own thoughts at bedtime. It is also increasingly something British. At the moment? Top Gear. The point of all this is that it has me thinking about what Christmas is for others. The feelings nestled in my heart tonight are shared with so many across the world. Not just for Christmas, but for all different holidays. Anticipation, relaxation, love, joy and a strong aroma of nostalgia. The perfect winter blend.

I hope more than anything that Christmas is a time of joy for you, whomever you might be reading this. If it’s not, I just hope that you can find some peace and a reason to smile.

Whoever you are and wherever you might be, thank you sincerely, and Happy Holidays.

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