Friday, June 25, 2010

52 Ills - All good things....

And now, the newest
Innovation from BP
Demon powered drills!
Sneaky sneaky sneak
Have you seen my lunch, by chance?
Stop it, that tickles.

Its Bunicula!
Stalking your cutest nightmares
Weep for the carrots.

A new Aquaman!
For a new generation!
Reboot reboot Go!

I got my stick and bindle!
Shit! Not enough bricks!

Its a good life, this
Being part of the tiny
Tiny dust clan. Cheers.

Its Polamalu
Lebeau Sager. Named after
The one nice Steeler
No, no. Thats not right.
My face is up here, you see
Thats my decoy face

Two thousand and nine
A drooling winged monster
And long may you rest.

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