Tuesday, October 13, 2009

52 Ills 1

The magic of Podcamp. I had the privilege of speaking with the awesome Rachel Arnold Sager on Saturday after Podcamp. We talked about many things (sailing ships, ceiling wax, cabbages, kings) but we also got to talk about our various crafts. Long story short, its time for a collaboration. Miss Sager is working hard over at 52ills.com. Go and look. I will wait.

Done? Awesome right? Well, even more awesome is what comes next. As Rachel works on her 52 Ills I will be working on 52 Haiku. One for each of the Ills. Let me say that it is an honor to be working with her on this. I hope that my haiku can serve as delicious side dish to the beautiful and creative main course that is The 52 Ills.

So lets get started!

I know what matters
Mustaches, yes. Bodies, no.
Who drew this on me?

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