Friday, June 5, 2009

5, 7, 5

Love. Life. Breath. Movement.
Faith. Heart. Light. Resurrection.
I am here my love.

And when there is faith
When there is light in your soul
Then, then there is life

Its alright. Let it.
Let it come down. Let it pour.
Let it wash me away.

Its been beautiful
But even now that its time
Its beautiful still

What the hell happened?
Right here in our fair city
Bet it was robots

You'd think they would learn
Hundreds of years, thousands dead.
And yet, they still come.

You know, I wonder
If they'll make a film of me
Hope it doesn't suck.

Ive walked here before
I have breathed this air before
And wept these same tears

Off adventuring
To boldly go and all that
But, slowly. Slowly.


  1. Yay! I love these.
    (last comment deleted cause I fail at typing)

  2. So glad you dropped a few lines. Excellent, as always.