Friday, February 13, 2009

Automotive for $600, Alex?

Here's the deal.

Tuesday I was driving home after a long day at work. My car was making its usual unpleasant noises screeching to let me know it needed a new something or other, but then something strange happened. My car decided to spurt forth another awesome sound, this one was more of a rumbling. I pulled over to take a look, saw nothing and proceeded on my way. Very close to my home i heard a pop and then grinding began. I pulled over again, looked at the back and noticed that one wheel was at a slight angle. Not good. I inched my way home and started making some calls. I devised a game plan to get the car taken care or Wednesday because I had The Wrestling Mayhem Show to do that night. (We interviewed Armando Estrada by the way, and it was Amazing.) I spent the whole next day calling garages, towing companies and the like in an attempt to get the car even looked at.

Long story short my car will be in the show until well into next week and it will cost around 600 dollars to get it fixed.