Friday, January 9, 2009

A Very Special Consolidated Composition

Ladies and Gents, I'm very pleased to have this guest haikuist (haikuer? Haikuigist?) this week. You know her and you totally do not know her. I'm very proud to share my blog with the wonderful @JanePitt aka PittGirl!
(PittGirls haikus in

I heard that Pittsburgh
Has unexpected weather
But this is just nuts.


I’m royally screwed
Because I once heard it said,
Pigeons love apples.

PittGirl haikuing?
What should I get for her?
I got it! Apples!

‘dis my sexy pose.
I know what you are thinking,
And it rhymes with “nrowr.”

Well hello there
Spiderman isn't afraid
To show hes the sex

Can you stop screaming?
It’s not that big of a deal.
So you ate some poop.


After you calm down,
And stop your crazy screaming,
I can has carrot?

Scuse me waiter.
first the heart in the sugar
Now this? Delicious.

Do you see like me?
I see life and colors here,
With my eyes and heart.

Its time for the game
Traffic insane for hours
Totally worth it

My stomach just called.
I’m not saying you can’t cook,
But it was screaming.

Digital take out
Why did I get dialup?
It takes forever

When I am with you
I don’t much mind the rain, but
My bum is soggy.

This sweet warm rainfall
Isn't sweet or warm at all
But with you, heaven.

A moment of peace.
There are answers to be found.
My bum is soggy.

What the hell happened?
One minute I'm in the barn
and then, Bam! Pow! Sand!

This is the picture
That will prove once and for all
PittGirl Cant haiku

O I disagree
These PittGirl haiku right here?
Pretty damn awesome.


  1. oh PittGirl, we miss you. Those were fantastic!

  2. Aww PittGirl You are missed Come back! Those were great!

  3. OMFG. Regular blogging was too small for you.