Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Composition

A new year, a new group of haiku. This group has a few bonus haiku from everyones favorite literary Yinzteamer, Dawn Papuga.

Hey dude, are we lost?
Damnit man! We're not lost, just
Not sure where we are

"How about now, Dad?"
"....Mom never gets lost..."

I'm a gentleman
I'm a cock of some breeding
Buh-KAA! Distinguished.

I don't *cluck,* Mossieur...
My daybreak alarum sounds
of silver trumpets.

Waited a lifetime
for you to come and save me
Please come and save me

I can see me now
Inside out transformation
It wasn't for you.

Ive been here before
and I will be here again
Damn time-space bullshit

There's something creepy
'Bout a room you can't stay in
Even when you want

What? What do you want?
Even deranged mercs need some
sweet marshmallow time

No, im not happy
I have to free this city
but who will free me

I'm a lizard man
But it doesn't bother me
Work with what you are

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