Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Consolidation Pt. 12

Your an idiot
Of course I'm like Sherlock Holmes
What was your first clue?

Hi Wonder Woman
How's crime fighting working out?
Still being awesome?

Its still in my dreams
I'm puffin on the ashes
Of a hated friend

Hey there Spiderman
Get your freak ass off the couch
The city need saved!


Wanna go outside?
Spidey wanna fight Venom?
Fine. Stay there, that's cool.

Welcome to Pittsburgh
It kind of sneaks up on you
But its breathtaking

What was I thinking?
This was such a bad idea.
Where did my shoes go?

Why yes, this is mine.
I keep it my treehole
Now hold the nuts still.

Thats right bitch, Sega.
Its gold and belongs to me.
Thats right, be jealous.

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