Thursday, December 11, 2008

Which Mc Was That?

His name? Damien Hess AKA Mc Frontalot. His game? The sweetest Nerdcore that your ears can handle.

I stand 77 feet tall, I’ve got eight balls, and all of y’all are subject to my thrall. - Braggadocio

The originator of the term Nerdcore and considered by many to be its Godfather, Damien Hess AKA Mc Frontalot considers himself the world's 579th greatest rapper. A native of San Francisco, Hess started as a simple code monkey like you or me. He has since skyrocketed to dizzying heights and he has done it strapped to the rocket known as Nerdcore. Preforming at Penny Arcades annual convention PAX, Acquiring attention on a national level with old fashioned paste and paper tomes such as Newsweek Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and most important of all; Wired Magazine. All in a days work for the The man who says of himself:

Soundly situated in obscurityland, famous in inverse proportion to how cool I am, and should I ever garner triple-digit fans you can tell me then there’s someone I ain’t indier than. - Indier Than Thou

The point? Mc Frontalot will be performing here in Pittsburgh Pa on Saturday, Dec 13th at Garfield Artworks. Frontalot is on the bill with fellow Nerdcore rappers MC Lars and YT Cracker
Doors are at 7 pm. It promises to be an excellent show. Myself, @V_Rock, Sarah Madia of and Chachi of will all be there. I will also get the opportunity to interview Mc Frontalot so if you have any questions please let me know!


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