Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Consolidation Pt. 8

Now look what you've done.
He thinks that hes a real dog
Your fail is my hate.

Did you get more arms?
Nah, maybe im just crazy.
Spidey gets confused.


I wanna thank you
You really saved this movie
Mister Molina

Batgirl? Here's the thing
How do I put this gently
It's cold. Wear a bra.

This strange artifact
Is it friendly? What was that?
It smiled at me

An east wind coming
It will be cold and bitter
But it’s God’s own wind

A cleaner, better
land will lie in the sunshine
when the storm has cleared

This blessed clean smoke
This cleansing capnomancy
It will always be

A three pipe problem
I beg you won’t speak Watson
for fifty minutes.

The day is too tall
Its too much for us to take
You are not alone


It'll be ok
I understand. I'm with you.
Everyone falls down


  1. I'm going to be laughing about Batgirl for a very long time. LOVE the haiku, as always!