Monday, December 22, 2008

The Consolidation Pt. 10

Well aren't you fancy
Don't trip you metal douche bag
With your big tall self

Ray, listen to me.
When someone asks you if you're
A god, you say "YES"!

I havent been here
At least not for a while.
These memories burn.

Please, cover its face.
Her time is short. Its over.
Time to say goodnight.
Scuse me, Mistah J
Um, I was just wonderin
A little smooch huh?


Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha-O, um. Hi Harl.
Um, this is awkward.

Battered and beaten
Ms. Hudson makes great tea
My mind languishes


Violence returns
Back upon the violent.
And the schemer falls


One important thing
Has happened the last three days
And that is nothing

Welcome to my home
I haven't been here in years
I'm glad to be back

Good work, Mister Stark
Captain America: Dead.
The world: Overrun

You failed big this time.
Thor is back. He hates you.
Good work Iron Man.

I'm Saint Nicholas
South pole isn't big enough
I'm out conquring

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