Friday, November 28, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 28: The Consolidation Pt. 7

You love each other
How could I ever hate that?
You are programmed to.

This is it this time
I know you cant tell from here
The sky is so blue

Is my tiny cow.
And he is my friendly friend
He's a sugarface

It has been so long
I'm still digging my way out
Never stops sucking

Have attained power
Climbed the charred bones of my foes
Now, worship your king.

Ok, now hold still
I know its complicated
Its worse with no thumbs.

Twenty sided love
You hold my fate in your sides
I love you, sort of

No, I like it here
No, I don't think its too cold
Yes, you can go now.

Shes has been waiting
With grace and poise and beauty
Shes has been waiting

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