Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 11: The Consolidation Pt 2

Photos discovered thanks to Rachel of ThatNight.net

Do you remember?
Steve? Used to be on the team?
Yeah well, um, He's back

We've got your shipment
Just a little honey right?
Where do you want it?

I made this album
I was living underground
I think that it shows

Be careful with that
It's very sensitive stuff
My tools of the trade

The time has now come
For the return, the judgment
I am Aquaman

Seriously guys
This isn't necessary
I am not that fast

Its been a rough life
Spent some time up in Sing Sing
Stole a stuffed Clifford

Damn it these shoes hurt
Why on earth did I get these?
European cut


  1. Yeah for shoes!

    I buy them because they're hot. I wear them because I'm stupid. Bring on the pain :)