Monday, November 10, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 10: The Consolidation

Ok, that's helpful
The shovel hand thingie there
I don't hate you less

The Force flows through us
It flows from light to darkness
Locked in its embrace

My form is perfect
My hand is steady and sure
My mind unclouded


I do not fear death
and I do not limit life
My soul will shine through

I have been locked here
In this life and this battle
But it's all I have

This rain isn't rain
But it is a cleansing calm
From which I will rise

This pain is nothing
Nothing will slow my conquest
I will not be stopped

Sorry about that.
Your a little stuck there huh?
Oops. That's Spideys bad.

You are all I need
All that I've been searching for.
Together, we rise.

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