Monday, October 20, 2008

Consolidated Composition: The Return

After a week or so without, The Haiku have returned! I've been told by more than a few people that they need their weekly Haiku. There are 2 bonuses this week.
1. Extra Haiku. I usually only do about 8 but with the down time, I wanted to try and make up for it. This week, we have 12 pieces of art as inspiration.
2. This week it is an absolute honor on my part to have someone writing guest haiku with me! Many of you know her as @LyriqueTragedy on Twitter. She is the author of 2 excellent blogs, LyriqueTragedyReviews and She is an incredible writer and a dear friend. Dawn Papuga.

The first Haiku are mine, the second ones (in red) are courtesy of Miss Papuga. Enjoy.

That is disgusting
You depraved little robot
Hate your gummi mess


False Polymer God:
Gummi cults have no money
Stupid broke robot.
Laugh now, green robot
Powerless against gummis
World domination

This isn't so bad
Being entirely lost
Blissfully misplaced

The lights are too bright
Was seeking serenity
Can't hide in neon

Hundreds of years old
Killed more people than you've met
You still wanna fight?

Anger and heartbreak
Someone stole his garden gnome
Same two expressions

She isn't far now
I can feel her like lightening
My queen summons me

Hope tethered to string
Others may need you more, but
Can't let go just yet

Do not breathe. Don't think.
Move. Act. Cut. Dodge. Step. Pause. Move.
The dance is nothing

My anger bound me
Tried to keep me prisoner
But not anymore

I'll do it today
20 more pounds of birdseed
I deserve this raise

Who you callin' "Bird?"
Can't you see my snazzy suit?
Who's the Bird Brain now?

Look, I got you this
It is a little flower
I can has friends now?

Look here, Little Guy,
Dragons don't want to cuddle
You're doing it wrong!

It's finally here
Ive been waiting forever.
Time to go Jay Walk


That took forever
But i finished it at last
So many Legos

I ain't scared o' you!
I know what you require
Gulf coast hurricanes

They are our legends
Who we are and who we aren't
They are heroes, All.

Our time is precious
We're Super, not made of stone
Can't you draw faster?

Feel the sun rising
The darkness flees in terror
Pain seeps through my bones

We're prone and puzzled
Bare trees still cast a shadow
Relative darkness

Dear Captain Caveman
Who gave you authority
Wheres your captains bars


Dear Captain Caveman
You have now been promoted
General Caveman

Caveman-type freak show
Just who do you think you are?
Put some pants on, GOD!


No, Captain Caveman
You don't control an army
Buy a fucking clue

Say it with me now
That beautiful little word
Whisper it. Shazam!

My heart died when I left you
You can never know


  1. Thank goodness the haiku are back. Loved them all.

  2. WTH...

    I posted a trackback and Blogger hates me for leaving it... so I'll post it here!


    Haiku Return!

  3. epik :) I haz red best blog evuh?

    Had a blast at #PCPGH3 stay well man. Love the Haiku's!

  4. These are awesome. Kudos to you and to Dawn.