Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Little metal shit
Like you want me to hate you
Drunk tiny bastard

I think that went well
But I keep wondering if
I left the gas on

(if your an Eddie Izzard fan you'll get it)

NO! Bad robot! No!
Pants are a requirement
Not a suggestion.

I'm scared of candles
Every time That I light one
They try to kill me

My dear catburger
You are very cute. And weird.
I will not eat you

Wait. Do you feel that?
Yes. There will be rain tonight.
Now. Let it come down.

New lightsaber and nice pants
Neither will save you

It's ok my dear
I will always be your muse
If you'll be my Knight


  1. Bravo!

    I am a little afraid of that robot, though. Make sure you keep over there with you.

  2. catburger CLOWNMEATS

  3. Me thinks someone is slightly obsessed with the pants. The having and the wearing and the needing and the general status of same. BTW - this is not Dan but the catladyin5B. I have hijacked Dan's laptop while mine is in the shop. Not sure what the problem is but I think it involves cat hair.