Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Consolidated criminal composition day

Now my robot thinks
That he can play basketball
My hate is boundless

I finally found
Exactly what I've needed
And yet, I'm afraid

Summer is over
A cavalcade of aweful
And long may it rest


Summer is now dead
Came too damn close to the sun
Can haz some fall plz?

Do you like my gun?
I found it at the Wal Mart
I got it on sale

That was a mistake
I cant really use it now
That is kind of gross


Damn that Mario
He said that this stuff was fresh
Don't buy from plumbers

It Depresses me
When they think im a robot
Im a secret girl

Let it all come down
Until the sky bleeds ashes
Ready for who comes next

Damn these blasted Sith
They wont stop following me
Stupid, Poop head Sith


Um, I really have
A bad feeling about this
It. Is still. Snowing.

Hello? Lord Vader?
Yeah, they blew up the Death Star.
So, are we fired?

I am the Wookie
I am also the new cook
Get me a hair net


  1. The glowing item in the second image -- is that a Port-o-John?

    I can see how that would give someone hope, in certain situations. But it's still weird.

  2. Willie you need to start crediting your artists.

  3. @braindirt You're correct sir. It has been fixed. all the images should link to their artist now.

  4. A witty crop indeed. I lolled at Chewbacca.