Monday, September 15, 2008


He thinks hes people
My new filthy robot friend
My hate shall melt him

I have a monkey
He is an alcoholic
What to do with him

This is really nice
But I'll be honest Spidey
That hat cost alot


Friendly neighborhood
Swingin around in the cold
Shrinkage Spiderman

See my little friend?
The one on my shoulder here?
All he does is drink


Hey! Look at my crotch!
Because I am your captain!
Now! Look at my crotch!

This damn fairytale
It never seems to work out
These flowers are fake

There is still some peace
Some stillness here in this world
Nothing more sacred

We all get torn up
We all fall from time to time
We all keep moving

They don't know we're here
A warm rain will fall on us
We will both notice


  1. Lizzie is totally going to use that haiku...

    Lizzie: "Hey! Look at my crotch!
    Because I am your captain!
    Now! Look at my crotch!"

    Everyone: "Uhh...where is it?"

    Lizzie: "...sigh. Useless dogs! Go clean the barnacles off the hull... with your teeth!"

  2. By far, some of my favorite Haikus you've done. Yes, yes, the crotch is funny... but I prefer the fairytale one. Lovely...

  3. What do you do with an alcoholic monkey? You let him run for POTUS, of course.

    Nice job.