Friday, July 11, 2008

5 Question Friday: Miss Roth

Today on 5 Questions we have on Miss Jennie Roth. The creative mind behind Jennie is also an active member of the Pittsburgh New Media community. She plays on the Yinz team, appears on the Wrestling Mayhem Show from time to time, and bakes a mean green tea cupcake. Ladies and gentlemen, Jennie Roth.

1. Tell us about who you are and what it is you do.
I'm a Pittsburgh young professional in the area of communication. My
blog is personal in nature and I tend to keep my personal life and work
life very separate.
2. Why did you get into social media?
A friend of mine went to the first PodCamp Pittsburgh and I just thought it was a big Geek-Fest so I went to the wrap up session to gawk at the nerds who stayed inside all weekend when it was warm and sunny outside. I didn't have a blog at that point but I did have a facebook profile. I guess I'd say my interest and respect grew out of an online community devoted to a musician I was a member of. I got to know the other members on a more personal level and they were all very deeply ingrained in social media already. I started to think differently about the world of
social media and how it could be used as a tool to make some amazing connections.

3. What is it that you love about social media?
I love being able to keep in touch with friends far and wide. I can talk to my friend Rebecca in Vancouver and my friend Andrea in Pittsburgh at the same time and have the same level of connection with both of them, regardless of where they live. I also love reading blogs of people who consistently update and have a signature style like Raymi and Dooce.

4. What keeps you coming back? Why do you keep creating content?
It's an ever changing art form. It keeps pace with the world around us; it keeps us in touch with the emotions and goings on of our friends. It creates a bond and a reassurance that your friends are always there, just one tweet away.

5. What is it that you want to accomplish with your media?
I don't have any set in stone goals that I want to accomplish but I do know that I am excited to be on top of things as it becomes increasingly popular in our society. As a part of PodCamp Pittsburgh, I am excited to be able to teach others what they can do with social media. Hopefully
many newcomers will see the potential it could have for them in terms of small business advertising or even just getting some gripes off of their chests.

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