Thursday, March 6, 2008


5 Completely untrue facts about Pittsburgh.

84 percent of the northern generals in the civil war were from Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas. 15 percent of the southern generals were from the hill district.

While number 1 on the world for bridges we are only third for number of underbridges. we are passed by Luxemburg and Tuscaloosa Tennessee.

Pittsburgh is the home of over 250 soft serve parlors. The most of any state.

During WW2 a plot was foiled to flood The city. The offenders were planning to reroute a portion of the Mississippi therefore flooding the Allegheny.

While Pittsburgh doesn't have the highest population of the world, it does have the largest temporary population of any city . If the people that visited Pittsburgh stayed here, we would surpass Osaka japan within 2 months.


  1. Well that explains why the south lost the war.

  2. Mark me down for "Thoroughly Amused."