Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What i learned at bootcamp pittsburgh.

Everyone is talking about what happened at Bootcamp Pittsburgh. I want to talk about the things i learned instead of just what happened. Ill Provide links where i can.

1. Chris Brogan loves a good hug.
2. I cant pronounce Justin Kownackis last name to save my life. (sorry Justin)
3. I'm not the best at interviews, but i do them anyway.
4. I sort of know what im talking about.
5. It doesn't matter where i go, someone usually seems to get chopped.
6. Bar Louie is kind of cool, but as long as you go there with cool people.
7. Brogan can also give a good interview.
8. Heres the big one.
We all have an incredible opportunity. We all have access to things that our grandparents, or even our parents would never have dreamed. We can be on the radio if we want. be on video if we like. AND we can do it in such a way that the whole world can see it. Think about that for a moment. there was a time that speaking to someone in another country meant pen pal. or a huge phone bill. Now we can touch lives anywhere on a daily basis. how amazing is that? Pretty damn cool.
9. Theres always more media to come.

Thanks to everyone for Bootcamp Pittsburgh. It was indeed, a blasty blast.


  1. And don't forget this: People are interested in your success, just because you're great people. Some of us even write about you.

  2. Chris's comment goes along with one of the key elements from the kickoff speech: do what you're passionate about. Be great people. Create great things and people will cheer you on.

    Be average, create average things (especially out of some perceived sense of obligation or need for money) and people will sense your inauthenticity.

    Be amazing.

  3. Will,

    I thought all your interviews at bootcamp were top notch: the important thing is that you did them!...and the people reacted well to you 'cause you were interested in them and why they were attending. Keep up the good work - I look forward to seeing more video! :-)